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Firearm Classes and Training for Everyone


Intro. to Pistol

Description: This is a broad overview of everything you need to know to be a responsible handgun owner. The class will begin with weapon safety leading into a few drills to enhance your basic skill set. This course will challenge both new and experienced shooters. The course includes, but is not limited to at least 3 drills covering the basics of shooting, muzzle discipline, trigger squeeze and grip.  This class is the perfect refresher course for anyone who is new to handguns or hasn’t fired one in a few years. It will include a minimum of one hour practical on the range with instruction.

Costs: $39 for the class. A handgun can be rented for $10. Approximately 150 rounds of ammunition will be available for purchase.


Advanced Pistol

Description: A step up after basic pistol class about advanced tactics.

Cost: $65
Instructor: Shane Anderson
Required Gear: a pistol, holster, 2 mags along with a mag holster, and 150 rounds of ammo (which we can supply)


Intro. to AR

Description: This class is excellent for those thinking of buying a rifle, those who own one but haven’t used it yet, or those who just want to know more about the most popular rifle platform in America. Session includes time in the classroom and practical range time. AR’s will be available to rent for this class if you haven’t bought one yet.

Cost: $60
Instructor: Retired Navy SEAL, Shane Anderson



Pistol Workshop

Description: The pistol workshop is a discussion forum where shooters come together and share tips, drills and tricks about training with what works for them in making improvements. This is not a class… this is a round table discussion and an hour of shooting drills that will focus on testing and retesting different shooting skills with fun targets followed by conversation. All skill levels are welcome, all skill levels will be challenged.

Instructor: Shane Anderson

Cost: $35

Required gear: Handgun, double mag holster and 50 rounds of ammunition.

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