Do recent and continued mass murders, in which semi-automatic rifles are used to horrifying effect, signal the end of an era? Should America restrict access to these currently legal firearms?

The answer to these questions is certainly not an easy one. The Armalite Rifle model 15 and its plethora of copies from nearly every firearm manufacturer have basically defined the past few decades of gun sales in the USA. If manufacture of these guns were to cease today there would still be millions of these rifles available on the secondary market. Part of the beauty of this particular rifle is that it can be serviced, accessorized, modified and updated with a few tools and some basic knowledge. No matter what happens in the state or federal legislature, the modern sporting rifle is here to stay.

The mission of Blackhawk Shooting Sports involves neither the dissemination nor the restriction of any one type of firearm. Our mission is to provide education and training for all gun owners. Here at Blackhawk, we believe every law abiding citizen has the right to own and shoot the firearm of their choice. We are committed to providing a safe, clean, and friendly range to guarantee an accessible and safe environment to learn and practice shooting sports.

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