Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do I have to buy a membership in order to shoot here?

Blackhawk Shooting Sports is open to the public, no membership required! However, if you find yourself to be a frequent shooter at our range (coming in twice a month or more) then signing up for a membership will save you money! Checkout Blackhawk’s membership options under the “Membership” tab here on our website if you’re interested.

Q: Do you rent out firearms?

Of course! We believe that the best way to ensure a handgun is right for you is to try before you buy. We have handguns of as many styles, manufacturers and calibers as we can. That way you can try a gun before you buy a gun. Additionally, sometimes it’s just plain fun to try different firearms! It’s not like you can buy them all – (right?)

Q: Is this a handgun only range?

Our range is constructed to accommodate both rifles and handguns. We allow most calibers of rifles and shotgun slugs with a few ammunition restrictions (see below question, or contact us for further info on this).

Q: Can I bring my own ammo or must I buy it here?

You can bring in your own ammunition as long as it is brass cased or soft point bullets. We do not allow steel cased, cored, or jacketed bullets. Steel ammo can be damaging to our bullet traps, and we want Blackhawk’s state-of-the-art range to be enjoyed by everyone for a very long time! If you are unsure whether or not your ammo contains steel, we will do a quick check before we continue you onto our range.

Q: What’s wrong with steel?

With Rifle rounds the answer is simple. Bullets with steel cores are designed to do damage and penetrate armor. They will do excessive damage to any range indoor or outdoor and are strictly prohibited
With steel cased rifle and handgun ammo the reasons are more complicated. First the cases are not recyclable they are garbage and have to be separated from recyclable brass casings. This is a labor intensive and time consuming task. Secondly, Wolf and Tulammo, the most common steel cased brands typically have a Bimetal jacketed bullet which is pressed layers of copper and steel. Although they are not as damaging as steel cored projectiles, they are more so than regular FMJ Bullets. If you buy your ammo at Blackhawk you can be sure good. Shop our ammo section for current pricing.

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