Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will you rent firearms?

Yes. We believe that the best way to ensure that a handgun is right for you is to try before you buy. We will have handguns of as many styles, manufacturers and calibers as we can. That way you can try a gun before you buy a gun. Additionally, sometimes it’s just plain fun to try different firearms, and you can’t buy them all – right?

Q: Why have a Ladies-only night?

We hope to break down barriers that might prevent a person from practicing and becoming a safer more confident handgun owner. Some ladies do not need or want a Ladies Night and we acknowledge that. Other women will embrace the special learning and training opportunities we plan to offer. Our hope is to bring people to the Blackhawk Shooting Range that might not otherwise enjoy the sport.

Q: The First Shot…what is it?

When Blackhawk first became public knowledge, through local word of mouth, I had a number of people who indicated they would be the “first in line” and were very excited about the idea. It became apparent to me that only one person could really be The First, and that the first shot would be a christening of sorts. I married this idea with my desire to support a good cause, at every opportunity, and decided to auction off the First Shot for charity. I chose the Wounded Warier Project as a worthwhile cause, but the high bidder may select another charity if they wish. We in turn, will do everything we can to make the winner a minor celebrity, with pictures, news stories, publications etc. For however long Blackhawk Shooting Sports exists, the high bidder will always be owner of the “First Shot” and have donated to a worthy cause.

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