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Wisconsin's Premier Indoor Shooting Range

Your indoor shooting destination.

Whether you’re a firearm novice looking to take their first shot, or a seasoned shooting veteran, Blackhawk Shooting Sports is for you!

Our indoor shooting range offers some of the best technology available to today’s shooters. With two shooting bays, totaling ten private lanes with safe and durable stalls, target retriever systems that are standard to-and-from or pre-programmed drills, and high-quality safety procedures.

Since opening in March of 2017, Blackhawk Shooting Sports offers competitive leagues, classroom courses, helpful shooting classes and training sessions, and a variety of shooting range memberships.


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Built with Action Target

Modern Shooting Range Technology

Blackhawk Shooting Sports is leveraging high quality, innovative, and safe technology from Action Target to deliver the best experience possible to each of our valued shooters. This technology includes:

Defender™ Shooting Stalls

The safest shooting stalls on the market, the Defender™ series ensures the shooter stays safe through independent ballistic testing and modular design.

Target Retriever System

The Target Retriever System moves targets to-and-from the shooter, all within the lane. We offer 360 degree turning, computer controlled Mancom pro retrievers that take training to the next level and are FUN. There are 27 preprogrammed training drills that keep your skills sharp, or you can program your own, from simple to difficult. Click here to view snapshots of the preprogrammed training drills we offer, this way you can save yourself some time on the range and get right to doing what you came here to do: shooting!

Ballistic Containment

Bullet traps are a vital piece of an indoor shooting range. Our lanes offer ballistic containment technology that safely collects all bullet fragments and debris and can handle all handgun calibers and most common rifle calibers. The bullet trap is rated to contain a .50 BMG, But in consideration of other patrons we ask you to refrain from firing yours at Blackhawk.

Ventilation System

We take the safety of our customers and our employees seriously, so we use a high quality HVAC system to improve the shooting experience, and create a safe environment for all. Being environmentally friendly is also a high priority, which is why we emphasize recyclable shooting components FMJ bullets and Brass casings.

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