Here at Blackhawk Shooting Sports we have over 30 pistols and rifles available for you to rent.

9mm rentals:

FN 509

Glock 19, 19X, and 43

Sig Sauer 250, 320, 938 and 226 SAO Legion

Walther CCP


Springfield XD9 Mod.2

S&W Mod 2

Shield 2.0 with crimson trace

.22 Cal rentals:

Walther P22

S&W .22 Compact

S&W .22 Victory

Ruger Mark IV and Mark IV Lite

Sig 1911 .22

.45 Cal rentals:

S&W 1911

Kimber Two Tone

FNX Tactical

Sig 1911

Ruger SR 45

S&W Shield .45

Revolver rentals:

.45 Thunder Ranch

.38 spl with CT

TR8 .357 Magnum

S&W 500 Magnum


**Note that all rental guns must be used with ammunition bought here at Blackhawk Shooting Sports