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What’s Going On Right Now:


Move & Shoot
Tuesday Nights, 6-8 PM
Instructed by Shane and Tyler

Open to everyone, sign up ahead of time or just drop in!


Coming Soon:

Monday Nights @ 6 PM beginning Sept. 24th
Instructed by Max Umbs

Cost: $75 for the full 8 weeks. Guns available to rent for $5.

How it works: Participants will be allowed to start after week 1, and shooters are allowed to shoot ahead or make up missed weeks during normal Blackhawk business hours (as long as a lane is available).

Course Fire: Per the NRA “Short Course of Fire”
All shots at 25 yards.

10 shots in 10 minutes at the NRA B-16 target
2 strings of 5 shots in 20 seconds at the B-8 target
2 strings of 5 shots in 10 seconds at the B-8 target

Participants will shoot the course of fire twice, once with Rimfire and again with Centerfire.

Participants will be divided into 2 classes: One handed & Two handed.

Practice targets available for purchase here at Blackhawk Shooting Sports

Award Ceremony to follow the league on November 19th.

Youth Firearm Safety Course

Thursday Nights @ 6 PM beginning September 27th

For: Youth ages 10-16

Info: General Safe Handling Practices and Practical Shooting, 4-part series. Each session costs $20 and includes everything the shooter will need (lane rental, eye and ear protection, targets, a firearm, and ammunition). Limited to 10 students per class, so reserve your spot today!

Course Schedule
9/27 – Firearm Safety 101: Rimfire Rifles
10/4 – Firearm Safety 102: Rimfire Handgun
10/11 – Firearm Safety 103: Centerfire Rifle Marksmanship
10/18 – Firearm Safety 104: Centerfire Handgun Shooting

Sound interesting? Call us for more details! (920) 564-3787

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