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Starting back up again in January:

Move & Shoot
Tuesday Nights, 6-8 PM
Instructed by Shane and Tyler

Open to everyone, sign up ahead of time or just drop in!


Coming Soon:

Bullseye League
Monday Nights @ 6-8 PM beginning Jan. 7th-March 11th.
Instructed by Max Umbs

Cost: $85 for One and Two handed classes, $45 for Rimfire Only Class

How it works: Participants will be allowed to start after week 1, and shooters are allowed to shoot ahead or make-up missed weeks during normal business hours (as long as a lane is available).

Course of Fire:  Per the NRA “Short Course of Fire”

All shots at 25 yards.
10 shots in 10 minutes at the NRA B-16 Target
2 Strings of 5 shots in 20 seconds at the B-8 Target
2 Strings of 5 shots in 10 seconds at the B-8 Target

Participants will shoot the course of fire twice, once with Rimfire and for those shooting in the One or Two Handed Classes, again with Centerfire.

Participants will be divided into Three Classes: One Handed, Two Handed, and Rimfire Only.

Practice Targets will be available for purchase.

Sound interesting? Call us for more details! (920) 564-3787

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