Intermediate Pistol


Intermediate Pistol starts where Intro to Pistol ends. We recommend you’ve taken a basic handgun course, even if it wasn’t here at Blackhawk Shooting Sports, before you take this one. Our intermediate Pistol class is built around the skills tested in the 4 part Federal Qualification Drill: Accuracy, One-Handed Shooting (both dominant and support hand) and Magazine Changes. The course will go over the basics of grip, stance, sight picture, and trigger position, and then demonstrate how to practice them effectively in order to tighten up your shot groupings. Practice with purpose, both at home and at the range, is the key to elevating your skills to the level you want them to be. At the end of the class every student will participate in the Federal Qualification drill. Scoring 45 or higher on this test will be a prerequisite for Advanced Pistol.

Required Materials: a handgun, case, snapcaps, & 100-150 rounds of ammo

Instructor: Shane Anderson

Cost: $60   If a minimum of 5 people is not met, the class will be rescheduled.