Blackhawk Shooting Sports’ Safety Rule #2: Know your target and what’s beyond.

If you’re target shooting at a distance and miss your target, you and you alone are responsible for that bullet. Remember, a bullet doesn’t have brakes. It will continue on its trajectory until it hits something solid enough to stop it. A high velocity rifle round can travel up to a mile or even further with enough energy to kill, and it will not be stopped by leaves, twigs, or branches out there in the woods.

People ask me every day what inspired me to build Blackhawk Shooting Sports. The very reason was, and still is, to provide a comfortable, inviting, and absolutely safe environment to target shoot. Please feel welcome to come on in and enjoy target shooting where you’re guaranteed your bullet will be stopped safely down the range. No risks, and no life-endangering consequences.


The news story that inspired this blog post can be found here as well as other online news sources.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the boy’s family. While you may believe shooting into the woods or out into your backyard is harmless, remember this story and the consequences that can result. We hope you understand and support the Blackhawk Team’s passion for practicing our Second Amendment safely.

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