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At Blackhawk Shooting Sports, our goal is to provide a fun environment for the people in Eastern and Southeastern Wisconsin to learn, train and safely shoot firearms. We strongly believe that education is key to creating a safe, comfortable shooting range environment.


The idea of Blackhawk Shooting Sports came one day when our owner was curious about the process for purchasing a firearm. Not just the transactional part of the purchasing process though (you know, where they run the background check and give you a firearm in exchange for your money), but the information given to you about the firearm before you made the purchase, and the support and guidance they gave to you after you completed the purchase.

Essentially, he was curious about how well informed he would be before giving them his money, and how they would support him to become a safe handler of the weapon after the transaction was complete.

Unfortunately, besides asking some general questions, such as “do you want to conceal carry?” or “what do you intend to use the gun for?”, there wasn’t much that he was able to learn before making his purchase decision. Once he selected the firearm he wanted to buy, it took approximately 45 min. to complete the background check and get his receipt.

Even more unfortunately, after the purchase was complete, he asked the staff where he could go to learn about properly caring for the firearm, where he could go to get firearm training so that he could operate the gun safely, and what indoor shooting ranges were around that he could take (and possibly keep) his new firearm for practice and storage.

The staff of the store selling him the gun didn’t know how to answer his questions.

They couldn’t inform him on how to care for the weapon.

They couldn’t inform him on where he could receive safety training to learn how to safely handle the weapon.

And they weren’t knowledgeable about the options for indoor shooting ranges in the greater Eastern / Southeastern Wisconsin area.

Mission Statement

We are Blackhawk Shooting Sports; our mission is to promote safe and responsible participation in the sport of shooting by helping new gun owners learn and become safe and comfortable with their firearms, and to help experienced shooters become more skilled and capable.


Information on the Range

  • Our anticipated open date is early 2017
  • Our indoor shooting range will be located at 24 N. Business Park Drive in Oostburg, Wisconsin
  • We will be centrally located and easily accessible to those in the Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls and
  • Manitowoc areas who are looking for a safe, fun shooting environment
  • We will have ten shooting lanes, two of which will support rifles
  • Our state of the art shooting range lanes and technology provide a safe and fun shooting experience


Blackhawk Shooting Sports Updates & Survey

If you’re interested in staying up to date with our development progress, grand opening, membership details, leagues, or anything else, we encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter. We’ll notify you when updates happen, so you’re always in the loop.

Also, we are very interested in hearing what our future customers and the community wants to see from us! If you’d like to have a voice in what we do, we ask that you fill out our online survey to give us information about what you might be wanting to see at Blackhawk Shooting Sports.

Filling out the survey also enters you into a drawing for a free lane rental! We’ll be drawing names based on survey submissions on our opening day and will notify the winners after that time.

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